See Invisible in 3D and Colors

The First 3D SWIR Multispectral Perception Solution, long range and high resolution

Paris street view with our SWIR Multispectral LiDAR at dawn compared with camera

      An advanced Multispectral 3D Perception solution to optimise resources and reduce carbon footprint

      LiDARs are active sensors, emitting their own light, performances does not depend on lightning conditions. They also deliver native 3D informations (volume, angles and distance). The features of our LiDAR technology are unique :

      • Long Range LiDAR (300m) based on a unique robust and low cost laser technology
      • 5 colors LiDAR in the infrared (SWIR)
      • Very High resolution, beat the one of standards 2D cameras

      To map / monitor the environment in 3D and recognize the chemical composition of objects

3D up to 300m


SWIR Spectral Analysis without Calibration


Spectral Power without Calibration

Multispectral LiDAR view of a garden with dried herbs detected

Hydratation state / Plant health

In the 3D Multispectral LiDAR view, the long dried herbs appear in red

Multispectral LiDAR shows plants and soil hydratation state

Water content

Standard camera shows black soil whatever the water content. SWIR Multispectral LiDAR shows the different grades of soil humidity

Multispectral perception of Airport in 3D shows oil on tarmac pollution and rocks discrimination

Pollutant detection

Oil released on tarmac by aircraft motors is clearly seen by our SWIR Multispectral LiDAR

Rocks recognition

The different types of rocks in the column are highlihted by the SWIR Multispectral LiDAR, while the standard camera cannot see any differences



Multispectral LiDAR product view

SWIR emission (1400-1700nm), many advantages

Higher power allowed / eye safety allows high range 300m, 200m @10% reflectivity - 10 times higher resistance to sun blooming

A unique asset

Proprietary robust and low cost solid state laser technology >3kW peak, ns, 500kHz, wideband in SWIR

A High resolution 3D LiDAR

At each frame, the laser beam is scanned at different position of space - Instantaneous perception is much richer in static but also in dynamic

Spectral Power

Many materials have absorption bands in SWIR and can be recognized

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Construction and Mining --- Agriculture and Forests --- Waste Management --- Airports --- Quality and Integrity Check --- Logistics



Machine in arboriculture, Mining Truck, Tarmac airport boarding gate, open landfill

Agriculture and Forest

Combined monitoring of growth and hydratation - Species and pest monitoring - No lightning dependency - Machine localization /navigation

Construction and Mining

Polluted soil sorting - Exploration and 3D cartography - Simultaneous volume measurement and ore recognition - Active, no ligthning required - Machine localization /navigation inside tunnels


Monitoring of boarding gates - Detection of lost / dangerous objects - Detection of pollutants (oil…) - Monitoring of aircraft repairs

Waste Management

3D cartography - Simultaneous volume measurement and waste segmentation - Active, no ligthning dependency - Moisture measurement

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CEO & Founder

Engineer from ESPCI Paris-Tech, PHD (Sorbonne Univ) - Nadine developped innovative sensors that are sold in Millions - Optronic and sensors technology lover

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Program Director & Founder

Engineer from Institut d’Optique Graduate School Elise drives the development of the Multispectral LiDAR. She is our orchestra conductor.

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Engineer from ESPCI Paris-Tech, PHD (Sorbonne Univ) - Founder of several successfull startups. Eric is a Technology lover with Business and Manufacturing skills. He is our Mentor.

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Videos / Pitch

How it works by Elise

Videos / Multispectral LiDAR moving

Slammed point-could


3D Scenes Example

Iridesense Multispectral Lidar 3D view of an aircraft
Iridesense Multispectral Lidar high resolution view of a car licence plate
Iridesense Multispectral 3D Perception view of a church and street in Paris
Iridesense Multispectral 3D Perception of a cable
Iridesense Multispectral Lidar 3D view of Paris Pantheon
People detection with Iridesense Multispectral 3D perception
Iridesense Multispectral Lidar 3D view of a long street with buildings at 250m

Card 1


Iridesense Multispectral Discrimination of deade and living wood


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